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Hello People!

Today is Friday the 11th... FINALS

This is it! Here’s the in-class part of the final:


  1. Create two spreadsheets by copy/pasting the data tables below.
  2. Select the data.
  3. Sort the numbers from low to high,
  4. Insert a Column Chart
  5. Make it "pretty" (no legend, gradient fill, less gap width)
  6. Paste link the charts into two PowerPoint slides identical to the class handouts.
Student Grades
first raw scores
Adrienne 28
Aleshia 24
Anna 30
Christine 25
Damar 29
Dolores 26
Emily 28
Flor 29
Janeen 22
Jeania 28
Latoya 27
Lauren 27
Milagros 25
Myriam 22
Railene 30
Rosalyn 28
Sara 30
Shawteriyah 23
Shelleyne 29
Sumika 24
Sylvia 25
Tajeda 27
Tamara 15
  Federal Budget FY 2011
Program Expenditures
Defense 895
Discretionary 520
Social Security 730
Medicare 491
Medicaid 297
Troubled Asset Relief 11
Jobs Initiatives 25
Other 612
Interest 251
Potential Disaster Costs 3
  A couple of things to remember: sort the student grades and budget categories, delete the legends, include labels on the pie graph (category, value and percent), and paste link the charts into PowerPoint. Word Document The Christmas list assignment is almost identical to the Thanksgiving assignment. See the handout for a visual layout of the document. As always, please do not print anything out. Upload the Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to your post page, and title it ‘Final’. … that the final take home component should be, making Kristmas Kards! Create two PowerPoint landscape slides as follows, front inside The back and front should be like the back and front of a card, and the inside right is where the message goes. Imagine you are printing the slides, two sided, and then folding down the middle to make one card. Since cards are printed out, use a light background and dark text and graphics for best resolution. Make the card look festive and “Christmasy.” Points will be given for: As always, Do Not Print. Upload the PowerPoint file to your post page. Done, and done!